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1.Personal daily report:----Any System change must be recorded. Any bugs must be recorded. Any exception must be recorded.
2.Software develop: ----Maintaince one git repository for each project AS Master. Every change build a branch. After test, merge it into Master then tag it and release.
3.Software release: ---- Try to use Git or any other branch-cheap Version Control Tools
4.Document Build: ---- Basicly include Needs, Structures, some details.
@1: An Online Check System. Every day generate a todo list with blanks. Just fill in blanks after daily system status checking. It should include at least 3 modules: Todo list with blanks; Todo list setup; User control.
@1: To record any changes usually we use Changelog. But changelog just put everything in the order of time/version. If we want something, it is difficult to find it from a long long log list. We can mark "important" or some other signs but the importance of the change itself to system is changing. I need to find a way to maintain the system easily, both programs and documents.
Record a change and update the main document at once may be a solution. But most of the time we do not look at the document because reading the full and accurate document costs too much time. Instead, we just follow our memories. "I remember it is ..." How to synchornize the snapshot in our memories with the real system?
@2:Is there any tools to revision control a database?
Ten said:
Wed, 18 Aug 2021 12:12:16 +0000

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