Wheelock's Latin Homework -2

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Capvt II


> Ancient sentences

1. Salve, O patria! (Plautus)

>Farewell, oh fatherland!

2. Fama et sententia volant. (Vergil)

>Rumor and opinion fly.

3. Da veniam puellae, amabo te. (Terence)

>Please give pardon to that girl.

4. Clementia tua multas vitas servat. (Cicero)

>Thy clemency saves many lives.

5. Multam pecuniam deportat. (Cicero)

> Carries away a lot of money.

6. Et fortunam et vitam antiquae patriae saepe laudas sed recusas. (Horace)

>Thou often praisest both fortune and life of the ancient fatherland but refusest them.

7. Me vitare turbam iubes. (Seneca)

>Thou orderst me to avoid the crowd.

8. Me philosophiae do. (Seneca)

>I give myselft to philosophy.

9. Philosophia est ars vitae. (Cicero)

>Philosophy is the art of life.

10. Sanam formam vitae conservate. (Seneca)

>Keep a sane form of life.

11. Immodica ira creat insaniam. (Seneca)

>Immoderate anger creates insanity.

12. Quid cogitas?--debemus iram vitare. (Seneca)

>What doest thou think?--We ought to avoid anger.

13. Nulla avaritia sine poena est. (Seneca)

>No avaricious is without penalty.

14. Me saevis catenis onerat. (Horace)  

>Thou opressest me with cruel chains.       note: * (Abl. pl.)

15. Rotam fortunae non timent. (Cicero)

>They do not fear the wheel of fortue.

16. The girls save the poet's life.

>Pullae servant poetae vitam.

17. Without philosophy we often go astray and pay the penalty.

>Sine philosophia saepe erramus et poenas damus.

18. If your land is strong, nothing terrifies the sailors and you(sg.) ought to praise your great fortune.

>Si tua patria valet, nihil terret nautas et debes laudare tuam magnam fortunam.

19. You(pl.) often see the penalty of my anger and warn me.

>Saepe videtis poenam meae irae et monetis me.

20. The ancient gate is large.

>Porta antiqua est magna.


Catullus Bids His Girlfriend Farewell

Puella mea me non amat. Vale, puella! Catullus obdurat: poeta puellam non amat, puellam non vocat, formam puellae non laudat, puellae rosas non dat, et puellam non basiat! Ira mea est magna! Obduro, mea puella--sed sine te non valeo.

>My girl does not love me. Goodbye, girl! Catullus is tough: The poet does not love the girl, dost not call the girl, doest not praise the girl's beauty, doest not give roses to the girl, and does not kiss the girl! The anger of mine is great! I am tough, my girl -- but without thou I can not live.


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