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Wayne posted @ Wed, 13 Apr 2011 13:50:51 +0000 in Life , 2818 readers

I've already resign at 1st. April, and it will take 1 month to finish my last work. Meanwhile, I shall prepare for my next job. Here I have two choices: 1) Go along with my path, find a job about Java programming or Oracle Database; 2) Do something new and fun, as embed development, System Integration, System Security... After a discussion with classmates, I choose choice 1, which has less risks and is more reality. If I choose choice 2, I am afraid I am not able to find an employer to hire me.

Yesterday I searched a hiring list on net, it seemed development on mobile-phone was popular in these days. To me, this means Android. My current company also has a department working with it, and even more, iOS included. I am experienced in SMS and MMS, maybe I can take advantage from this. One of my former co-woker told me Android development did not have too much tech content, that maybe I would disappointed with. But is it also means I can easily move to this field?

I have two target companies. One is hiring Java Software Developemt and Oralce DataBase Development, the other I did not find any mentions. Both Java Development and  Oracle Database Development suit me, but to be competitive, I shall learn more on either field.

According to the requirements listed in the hiring page, to be a Java developer, I shall familiar with:


2.Popular frameworks and something others as: Spring, log4j, iBatis, JMS, JBoss...

3.Something about design pattern.

to be an Oracle DataBase developer, I shall have a strong skill in PL/SQL, and something about database tuning.


So, what I should do is clear. I do have a plan. But every time my plan did not work through. I think maybe it is because I am always trying to learn too many things at one time. How about this time? Java, Java servlet, Spring, JMS, iBatis, PL/SQL, database tuning, Android, and even C... and I should spend much time in algorithm and data structure too... I am afraid I do not have so much time. Chance will pass when I am still not prepared.

However, do it right now is better than worrying about uncertain future. Reading TIJ4 is the first priority now. After that is Java servlet and Spring framework, then design pattern. PL/SQL will come with Spring.

Felix said:
Fri, 14 May 2021 04:36:30 +0000

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Jasper said:
Mon, 08 Nov 2021 15:54:42 +0000

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