Evidence of Classical Latin Pronunciation from 'Learn to Read Latin'

Wayne posted @ Tue, 04 Jun 2013 02:32:39 +0000 in Latina , 3208 readers

1. 'h' nerver silent, always pronounced, as in 'hat'.

2. 'h' represents the expelling of air called aspirartion.  [OBSERVATION]

3. 'ch' as in English 'character', 'ph' as in English 'people', 'th' as in English 'tea'. [OBSERVATION]

4. ch, ph, and th represent sounds introduced into Latin from Greek. Greek distinguished between the unaspirated consonants c and ch, p and ph, and t and th. The -h represents the aspiration that is emitted after the consonant sound is made. This distinction between unaspirated and aspirated consonants is also made in modern French and  in other Romance languages although not in English. [OBSERVATION]

5. The Latin consonants are generally identical in pronunciation with the English equivalents. Exceptions are:

  b as in English, but bs is as ps; bt as pt.

 c always has the k sound.

 g always as in get.


6.  So, we can get a conclusion, that Latin neither has a distinction between unaspirated and aspirated consonants?


7. r probably rolled. [!!!]

8. x counts as a double consonant ks

9. z counts as a double consonant dz

10. qu, su, gu count as single consonant, as kw, sw, gw


11. a as 'await', or 'cup'.  ========> two sound?

12. ā as 'father'

13. e as 'pet'

14. ē as 'fate'

15. i as 'fit'

16. ī as 'feet'

17. o as 'soft' or 'caught'.  ====> it means the o in soft is different from the au in caught...

18. ō as 'hope'

19. u as 'put'.

20. ū as 'fool'

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